Tuesday, June 21, 2011


we are surprised and delighted to announce baby kettle number three!

14.5 weeks- current gestation
24 weeks- is how far along my belly LOOKS
2nd Trimester
16th of december - due date
16.5 months - age difference between lucy and baby three
53- number of seconds i was skinny before i got chubby again
7 weeks- how far along i was when we found out
2- seconds it took for that little test to turn positive. seriously.
48 - number of times mommy said "holy ****" after peeing on the stick. yes, it was a BIG surprise! ;)
8 - pounds i have *already* put on
1-2 - average number of daily puke sessions (note this number was MUCH higher in the first trimester!)
100 - times we have heard the response "woooow, was this... planned...?" haha!

A MILLION times over the moon about this little addition!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

everybody loves a photo booth...

especially this fine lady! i wanted to kiss her. seriously.
if this doesn't make your day, i don't know what will!