Friday, September 28, 2007

Luke and Ashley

I love the sand all over his clothes! Such a boy

Is there a cooler three year old on the planet?! He is wearing boxer breifs and running in the sand. Ladies, eat your hearts out!

This is SUCH a crack up. There are no words.

Love the sand on her mouth! Delicious.

Can I just say I LOVE these kids!!!??? I honestly love them as much as my own nieces and nephews. I tell Max they are his cousins. Luke was so funny. I would tell him to look up at me or smile, and he would look at me like I was crazy and say "what for?" There were lots of action shots of this guy! Ashley is such a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. She keeps getting prettier and prettier. And a personality to match! She's a little firecracker. Love you guys!

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Brittany said...

Oh I LOVE that first one of Luc, and the second one of Ashley! They are adorable, but those are my FAVS!! Gtreat job Jess! Cute kids Sarah!