Friday, October 5, 2007

These kids know how to work it.

Oh my gosh- could these kids get any cuter? They were so photogenic. Her curls? His little ski jump nose? Love 'em. Obviously, I just couldn't get enough. Navi and Gray- you guys rock. Thanks for the awesome shoot! Navi- you can come to my house and drink water out of tea cups and put your puppy to sleep in Max's crib ANY DAY. Gray- for a one week old, you sure kow how to work a camera. I just may invite these kids back as models! Laci- when can they come over to play?


Joseph and Brittany said...

Yeah it really helps that those kids are so freaking cute. That little girl is to die for. How cute is her name too.

Rachel and Chad said...

OH MY GOSH! so dang cute, I cant wait for Lilly to be done cook'n and she can do a photo shoot too! I love her name, Navi? so sweet.
Jess serously you are really talented, always amazing!

Laci said...

Ok I am screaming/crying!! I LOVE them you are amazing!! Yaay! Thank you, Thank you :)

The Wells Family said...

Breathtaking...amazing! The kids are sure know how to capture and make great shots!

(p.s. found your blog from Chels's)