Sunday, October 26, 2008

the best suprises

happen when you least expect them. The mini sessions yesterday ALL went great! Amazingly, beautifully, SHOCKINGLY well. 


Remember the Nie Nie auction? All I have to say is that when you give, you recieve. Little did I know that my Nie winners have two of the most stunningly beautiful little boys on the planet. Drew, the oldest,  was such a character! I loved him so much that we decided to have an impromptu second session with just him, sporting a bunch of Crew Cuts clothes that I picked up at the Down East warehouse sale just two days before. They just happened to fit perfectly, and he just happens to be the best little model ever . But here is one to enjoy from the family session. I am going to save the rest for later. {wink!}


Kelli Stephens said...

Beautiful! You got one of his few, real smiles! Nice work!
I had so much fun yesterday and I learned a ton. Thanks so much for inviting me along! I'm glad everything went so smoothly. Seriously, I was shocked!
I even just had fun hanging out. You're adorable!

Kellee Smith said...

Karma my friend. I can't wait to see more!