Friday, April 17, 2009

the party that wasn't.

so here's the story. these shots should have been my max. yup. his birthday was at the beginning of february and these were supposed to be his party invites for his circus party. yea, it didn't happen. so sad! i had all the stuff and and everything. oh well, next year. the good news is that my friend caroline used the idea for her son's party last week. so at least some of my plans were put to use! here's where it all originally got started. so yes, this shoot is from the middle of january! brave girl. anyway, i though it would be fool proof- what makes a kid happier than 25 balloons? nope. he lost it. there is maybe one good picture of the kid! thankfully i got to borrow navi for the afternoon. i mean come on, i already HAD the balloons! I had so much fun doing her hair and using the dress i bought at down east from the big j.crew/crew cuts sale they had (yes, i buy girl's clothes sometimes, just in case. don't judge.). i love styling the shoot and calling the shots from start to finish! SO fun. 

Thanks Navi for being my model..... again!













love that little mischievous smile. don't you?

p.s. the watermark. silhouette or no silhouette? let's hear it. 


oh. and let's just throw max's pic in there for the effect. get the idea? =)


Amber Duron said...

she is way too cute! and the dress! i love that idea of a circus party-saw that over on the armelle blog.

hmm. the logo with/without the silhouette. that's tough but i'm leaning more towards without.

btw. love that shoot you did with that couple-fantastic shots and lighting!

Alex Perry said...

I'm thinking without the silhouette. sweet and simple! I'm surprised they didn't float away holding onto all of those balloons. How fun!

Martha said...

That Navi is too cute!

Martha said...

I think it looks great without the silhouette.

Martha said...

But I'll just love whatever you pick :)

Russ & Candace said...

I like clean and simple watermarks so I would vote no silhouette

Marissa Vargason said...

Oh my I love them!!! I love max's too poor sad boy :( I vote for watermark with silhouette unless you want simple then i say watermark just your name, then rock the logo with the silhouette

Vanessa said...

I have been so excited to see these! And they are so dang cute!! So Isabel just saw these and was like..."I want my pictures taken with balloons" we might be heading to the party store haha! LOVE THEM!

Oh and the watermark...I say use a little of both :) Just like what you did.

Kerry said...

Those are so adorable! The dress looks great with the colors of the balloons.

As far as your watermark....I say without the silhouette. It just looks really simple and perfect without it.

Kiera said...

Oh Jessica! I love these. The two where the balloon got away are my faves!! So dang cute!

Emily Hartvigsen said...

I think the photo of Max might be my fave! There's something about capturing a childs cry that shows such emotion...I have plenty like this of my son. :) But smiley pics are so sweet, and they make your heart melt.
You did an awesome job on these always.
As far as the watermark, I like it without the silhouette. I like the simplicity of it.
-until next time, happy photographing!;)

RENEE said...

I love this...great idea with the balloons..great colors and great models.

I like the silhoutte.

Jeni said...

I can see why she is one of your favorites to shoot - and did you say JANUARY? What a trooper. I love the silhouette on your logo, but in the watermark it is too small to tell that it is a silhouette, so for watermark my vote is without.

Lorajean said...

I have been wanting to but balloons for he past three months just for photos but i haven't gotten around to it yet. This shoot is so lovely even though it didn't just go according to plan.

Stueller said...

Dude... I totally did a shot like this on Saturday... I should have checked sooner, now you will think I am copying HA HA!!! However I wasn't ingenious enough to think of using that many ballons!! I love it and Navi did awesome!

Leslie said...

Love the balloons!! Such a modern way to do it. I have seen others take the typical birthday pics with the child playing in the cake or sitting in a wicker chair with balloons attached! Not my style! Yours is exactly what I would want of my child!! Beautiful!! I like the logo with the silhouette!!

Dustin Izatt said...

Absolutely adorable Jessica :) I love every shot, they are so full of personality and fun. YOU ROCK.


Leslie said...

How funny is it that a day after I commented on these great photos with the balloons, that I happened upon some balloons myself! I was scouting out locations for a shoot this Saturday and using Eli for practice and found this bike with balloons tied to it! He loved them! Of course they were not the color of my choice but they were already there and fun to use for practice. Check them out if you get a chance and tell me what you think!!

katiepaisley said...

Those are amazing! I love the one where she still has a bunch, but is watching the red one float away... Love it! We don't know each other but I love you pictures.

kate moss said...

Ok those are soooo freaking cute! Love the contrast.