Saturday, July 11, 2009

for katie.

k. i swear this is the last sneak peek i am posting! i have a ton of great sessions i am hoping to finish up this weekend (stay tuned on monday! it won't dissapoint!) but i just had to give this little preview to katie, who is my best friend's little sister. i still can't believe she's all grown up and tying the knot, but man she is going to be one stunning bride.


Kristen Marie Photography said...

Cute! I was up in Bellingham 2 weeks ago and saw an old shack with this type of lighting and was wondering if I could pull this type of shot off. Looks like you can! Awesome.

Jessica Anderson Photography said...


Bart and Jill said...

Wait, is she in her wedding dress with her groom before the wedding? Is that Katie Davis?