Friday, October 2, 2009

my max. 2 and a half.

i decided i could not go another day without taking some photos, he is just so hard to get to cooperate these days. but the weather cleared up after a big rain, he was in a good mood and already dressed, so we decided to take a few last minute. i love how they turned out because they are so HIM right now! curious, funny, cranky, all things two year old. the best part is that he asked for the lunch box (we keep toys in it for the car) all on his own, totally unplanned on my part.



informing me that he will NOT be jumping in any more puddles!

this is what he did and the look he gave me literally SECONDS AFTER I said,
"max, PLEASE do not touch those pipes"

stomping on leaves!

just hilarious.



the george car getting some air


he LOVES busses so i was kinda jazzed one went by behind him!

my favorite. it just might be printed huge.


Oakstream Photography said...

OH MY HECK girl..I love that last one too! I wish I would of done photography more when my boys were littler. NOW they are bigger & refuse to have me take pics & the whole McDonald's happy meals or I'll buy you a toy scenario doesn't work...LOL! BOOHOOO!!!! He sure is a cutie!!!

Meghan said...

These are ADORABLE! My boys are obsessed with George! Where did you get his lunch box and car? I really NEED to get those!

I love that he totally looks like he is off to school!! lol cute cute boy!

Jaci said...

this would be so cute in his yellow room!! the lunch box is the perfect touch. his wife will love these one day! am i silly for thinking so far a head of the game? :) what a cute kid you have!

crave photography said...

No doubt that last one for sure has to be gigantic! It seems to say it all in one photo. He is beyond darling. Oh my goodness, he is seriously the cutest thing on the planet and his personality shines through these pics. These are great candids jess!!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Those are fabulous. Love love them.

Vanessa said...

Oh I want to squeeze his cute little cheeks!!!! LOVE THEM!!!

Christine said...

He's sooo cute :-)
And the pics are fabulous!

Kayleen T. Photography said...

He is so cute! Great pix of your little man!

kalls_&_joel said...

your little boy is adorable! I love that age, they're so independent and their expressions are to die for.

will and tiff said...

so in love with that little man. seriously some amazing shots - and love the whole monkey situation. we always call our 2 year old boys monkeys = with good reason. you're right those shots are so "two years old" and much usual. thanks for sharing!

Liam's Mom said...

Awesome 2.5 photos! He is charming! I know that look there by the pipes in my own little guy. Boogers always have to push their luck.

Love the bus shot! Lucky!

Amy Leigh said...

Oh these are precious. I had completely forgotten your guy's name was Max. We just named our newborn Max (Maxwell). It's so hard to get photos of your own kid. I've been so tired from 3 boys that I just haven't taken enough. I had a photog friend do a session with me so at least I carved out a chunk of time and got some good newborn shots. Anyway, just wanted to check in b/c it's been a while. I've got to go look at your Q&A now!