Tuesday, February 16, 2010

megan + isaac formals

oh brother. it's criminal that i have been keeping this session to myself! and how behind i am on my blog! i am trying to catch up though- i loooooved megan and isaac's bridal/groomals... from way back in (ahem) august. and just wait until you see their wedding, just gorgeous! these two are one of the easiest couples i have ever photographed, they are just so CUTE together! they were always so natural and affectionate, it really made my job cake. isaac and megan's style is very natural and outdoorsy, but we wanted something to contrast with their picnic in the mountains engagement session, making this pretty spot just the place! pretty, classic, and a little vintagey.

we started with a few individual shots of megan, and we set up a first look sequence, which was PRICELESS!! the perfect solution for brides who want their fiance at the bridal session, but still want that impact of a first look.



enter isaac:

can you even handle how he looks at her??!?!! i swear my eyes were watering.


checking eachother out and looking over to both moms, who came to watch! so cute. =)

some indoor fun...







love me some sun flair!

cucina nassi, i love you. talk about a GORGEOUS venue! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!





love. love. love. love. she looks like such an old hollywood movie star!!



the above shot was a 20x30 print at their reception. GORGEOUS!! the setting could not be more perfect for their look.





Rach said...

I LOVE the first look shot, so sweet i wanted to cry. great job and such a cute couple!

crave photography said...

Jess these are so stunning! Love the first look idea. The indoor shots had me drooling!!! So awesome!

Kristen Marie Photography said...

About time! They look beautiful!

Carly said...

gorgeous! you captured them perfectly, so great

Oakstream Photography said...

Oh darlin I LOVE that sunflare shot! SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!! These shots are sooo magnificent! TDF!!!!!!!

Nichole said...

These are beautiful. The indoor shots are fab. I love the dress. Wish they had dresses like that when I got married :)

Heather said...
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Heather said...

grand work my little friend. so so pretty.

Ashley.Latimer said...

MEG! Your bridals are amazing! Jessica, they are stunning.

Jaci said...

you are so dang talented!!

Jeanette LeBlanc said...

girl...these are beyond gorgeous!

The Elmers said...

Oh I love those indoor shots!!! How beautiful :)

Ash and Matt said...

Gorgeous! I LOVE the first look that you captured. The pictures are all so stunning.

And while you're in the posting-old-pictures mode, Matt and I would LOVE to see our pictures from last June! Your teasers have kept us craving more :-)

amanda b. said...

I heart these. Every time I walk in that building I wonder about the photo potential. HELLO!! You, of course, can make a gem out of ANY place. Nice work!

Brie said...

WOW. These pictures are incredible. I have to say, you are without a doubt my favorite wedding photographer!!

Jayme said...

Oh, Jess, you know I love these... your black & whites are amazing! I've always loved them. Keep posting more... Please!! Ha ha ha!

Memories captured by Shelly said...

I am loving what you are doing with the lighting! I need some tips with this!

Kelsey said...

The lighting in these is divine!!!

Bree said...

How adorable are they?! And she is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Sarah Hatch said...

They are all gorgeous!!! Seriously you are an amazing photographer. I especially love the one of her in Cucina Nassi where you said she looked like a hollywood star. That was an incredible shot, great job!