Friday, September 10, 2010

the boy and his pet.

pets at our house live in jars. and we like it like that. =)

let me tell you, this one is ALL boy. dirt, noise, balls and bikes. and now, grasshoppers. he's obsessed.


Ryan said...

Oh, to dig for pets again... :)

crave photography said...

Max is soooo damn cute!!

Lisa said...

Hi Jessica

Congratulation on Lucy..what a joy to have a little girl! First I must tell you how I found you..we have common really great friend is Melissa Comrie. She knows your parents from Seattle. I used to live there myself. We were there 10 yrs and miss it so bad!

I am finally having a girl (after 4 boys) so as you can imagine I am quite estatic! I have bee ohhing and ahhhing over her cute little hair clips, outfits and swaddling blankets. This is all new to me so I don't really know where to find the "cutest things" for her yet. So I thought I would just ask you! Do you mind sharing where you got some of her outfits, swaddling blankets and hair clips? I know how busy it is when a new baby so when you have quick moment, could you email me? Thank you so much!

Ok so on another note, I am looking for someone to do birth pictures and newborn shots of the little princess. Are you interested? My due date is November 15th. If not, could you recommend someone who has a similar style as yourself? Ok I'll stop..thanks again!

Emily White said...

That is fantastic!
My 4 year old daughter is totally into bugs nowadays. She gathered a handful of worms the other day. Fun!