Monday, November 29, 2010

q & a? you don't say.

[the "what-a-surprise-seeing-you-on-this-blog" face]

well hello there, internet. it's me! right here on this very blog. long time no talk! it's my fault, i know. i've been shooting all kinds of lovlies and in between shooting and editing, i've been doing the whole holiday thing and PRIMARILY snuggling up to miss L, who is four months old today!! i can't quite handle it.

but i think i just may have an idea that will cheer you up.

[the "thinking-super-deep-thoughts-about-a-great-idea" face]

you probably remember that every fall i conduct a little  giant Q&A for my readers to celebrate my photoversary [see all my past Q&A/tutorial posts HERE]. well, can you believe that this october was my THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of when i accepted my first photography related paycheck?! in case you were wondering, it was $40. i felt like a seriously BIG DEAL.

anyhoo- i decided that this year we can mix it up a little bit. instead of doing a bunch of  ridiculously long posts and stuff like that, i opened a ....[drumroll please].... formspring page!! for those of you who aren't familiar with formspring, it's a separate little website that is completely devoted to Q&A's. you post a question to my formspring, i answer it right there. it's pretty neat-o if you ask me! much faster, more organized and the best part, YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS THERE ANYTIME.

to kick off my formspring, i will be posting the answer to what is easily one of the most frequently asked questions i get. hint: even if you think you already know the answer, there is a new better way to do it, and if you use blogger, it will change your life. like, for real.

additional notes on formspring:

what can you ask?  anything! within reason obviously. =) but no subjects are off limits. life, kids, photography, my favorite color, why you always see me eating with my clients at the taco truck, why i'm always posting at like 3am, what is in that fountain soda cup that is seemingly glued to my hand...whatever.  of course there may be certain things i choose not to answer, but if that's the case, i will post an answer anyway, explaining my reason for not answering. also, if a question is asked multiple times, i will only answer the first time it is asked.

getting to know eachother. the only bummer about it is that you either create an account or ask anonymously, and i feel like most people don't have accounts. so i hereby encourage you to create an account so you can follow all your favorite peeps, or if you go the anonymous route, leave your name and blog address (if you're comfortable)! that way, i get to know you too and we can be like, friends and stuff. i've loved getting to know my readers better through my past q and a sessions and would be sad to miss out on that aspect of the q and a this year. =)

also did you know that lots of fancy folks have formspring accounts? people like justin hackworth and jonathan canlas to name a few? nice, right?


good. because she is too. ;)

so go HERE and let the asking begin!


Valerie Joy said...

Because you hadn't blogged in a while, I was left to peruse your older posts. In doing so I stumbled across your "2nd anniversary Q & A's". This was yesterday. Seriously, earlier today I contemplated emailing you to ask if you'd be doing another Q&A session. And low and behold, here is this post today! It's an answer to my photo prayers!
I love all your help Jessica!

PiccaDilly said...

So sweet!

Anonymous said...

those have got to be some of the sweetest baby shots i have EVER seen! so cute. and i am way excited about formspring :)

whimsy said...

she is so beautiful. i want to squeeze her right now. i love!

tracie said...

I love her eyes. You are amazing.


beautiful captures...and I'm so excited about your formspring! yay! thx for sharing so openingly

Hello! said...

Holy Geez. you've already answered a bazillion questions. Amazing that you're taking the time to do that for people! Super awesome. Pretty sure you're earning lots of points in photography heaven. :)

Carly said...

she's so cute it kills me. :)

britney alyse said...

These pictures are adorable! I've probably looked at them 5+ times. So perfect, she's just perfect!

Angela said...

You are so awesome to do this. Seriously. You are just too cool :)