Monday, March 14, 2011

cowboy up.

well hello, internet. long time, no post (but really, what else is new?)! i have been CRAZY busy gearing up for spring and summer wedding season. it's been consultations and engagement sessions gallore, mixed in with some TRUELY gorgeous weddings this month, and a couple more next week!

but don't worry, we never run out of time for a little fun here at the kettle house.
and this weekend, we rode horses.

do you ride? ;)


Julianna Collett said...

Love the whites , it's my fav!

Simply Be Photo/Melissa said...

Adorable! Little boys in undies are the cutest!

Lemonpeel said...

haha, oh my goodness, totally loving this. and you're little floofy white thing, good grief where did you find that? I totally want one. love your stuff ps. :)