Friday, February 17, 2012

aruba, the next day.

we had so much fun with this day after shoot. i mean, how can you go all the way to aruba and not take full advantage of the scenery? i could have shot here forever. we started about an hour before sunset and finished in complete darkness. my favorite way to shoot bridals!

[favorite shot of the day! they are so sweet together!]


Me and My Boys said...

WOW!!! Gorgeous Shots and Gorgeous Couple! What a great location

Jylare Smith said...

Love these! So gorgeous- I wanna go to Aruba! :)

Amber Duron said...

they are such a gorgeous pair and you are such a phenom photog, but you already knew this ;) so so GOOD!! i've missed seeing posts from you, keep them coming!

Melu103 said...

oh my!
the hands with sand and the rings
if i was them i would totally make
a huge canvas and put it up

you are amazing Jess! :)

have a great weekend!


Jeff and Britney said...

These are so beautiful...
As usual!

Sarah Surface said...

I love that this is beach themed. Sooo beautiful! You are a wonderful photographer.