Friday, April 6, 2012

jamie + brent, salt lake temple

jamie and brent. i don't really think i can explain how much i'm in love with this couple! jamie might just be the sweetest bride (no, sweetest PERSON) i've ever met in my life, and i just adored her! she and brent have the most thoughtful, quietly loving way about their relationship. i was lucky enough to shoot with david as the videographer and heather second shooting, and we all agreed that couples like jamie and brent is what made us fall in love with shooting weddings to begin with... enjoy. xoxo

oh, and i should add that jamie has THE CUTEST little brothers on the planet. they have an extremely close relationship that was just adorable to watch... which is how i'm justifying posting as many pictures of them as i did. ;) don't judge me.


Carly said...

totes gorg. love it & you!

Jessica said...

Beautiful, beautiful work. I poured over everyone of these!

Milliscent Morgan said...

This is what you call perfect photography! Keep up the good work. With this I remember the well done works of wedding Videography in Chicago.