Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baby Hudson. >> Utah Birth Photographer.

I think a birth story post is loooong overdue- wouldn't you say? I have so many beautiful births I'd love to share, but this poor little blog gets so neglected! I absoultely love shooting births and feel so grateful to have now shot nearly TWENTY of them, including 3 C-Sections. 

This birth story was such a beautiful experience- of course, all births are beautiful, but baby Hudson's was just picture perfect. Mama's labor and delivery were so smooth (even if she did labor all through the night!) and the excitement this mom and dad felt meeting their first son was so tangible. Congratulations to such a beautiful family!

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Erica said...

Oh, Jessica Jessica Jessica. I just fell in love all over again <3

tiff and chris johnson said...

the black and white of mom holding the baby and the baby is looking RIGHT at you seriously made me well up with tears. Unbelievable. Job well done Jess.

Sherri Reinfurt said...

I cried all over again! Jessica you did such a great job taking pictures of my grandsons birth! I love them all! Thank you for creating such a beautiful memory!

Emily Hartvigsen said...

So lovely. I love all the little details you captured!
I only wish I looked that good after giving birth. Ha! ;)

andrea miller said...

Congrats Jessica, i really fell in love with your little wonder, i wish a great life to both of you, it is always great to view such kind of pictures featuring the little angels in their best pose. Thanks for sharing such great pictures with us

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Amanda said...

Oh man, I am crying. I just love these, you do a fantastic job!

Jennie Smithson said...

The b&w shot of him laying on her chest looking straight into the camera.... PRICE. LESS. You're amazing Jessica!! (Ha, just realized someone left the same comment!)