Monday, October 26, 2015

Moving on...

Thank you so much for following along this little blog so faithfully! This will be my last post here and I will now be blogging at Come see me over there and keep in touch! My new website will up and running shortly as well. :)

For those of you looking to contact me directly, here you go.

Contact form HERE.

Direct contact:
435 - 770 - 8966


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Mishqueen said...

Maybe you don't come back here and look at your old blog, but...I don't know how my internet perusings got me here, but once I was here I couldn't leave! I just wasted HOURS looking at your entire site from beginning to end. That's embarrassing. :) You touched on my two loves, Seattle and Utah! I loved watching you grow and expand your talents over the span of the blog. Congrats, you are a master of your craft.