Thursday, November 29, 2007

the rest of the Davises

Even though I had the stomach flu the day of this shoot, I had so much fun. I grew up with these guys! Lyns has been my best pal since we were 11. We went through our ugly stages together, school dances, seminary, you name it. I love you guys! THanks for hanging out with me and letting me take your pictures. Ron, you still look hot to me!

lets not forget about their favorite child, Nike.


Lindsey said...

princess!! you did an amazing job!! you are so talented....what an attractive family:) esp the black hairy one!! you are amazing! see you in two whole days!

Linda and Dave Browne said...

Beautiful pictures of a family that I love dearly!!!!! Oh, how I miss those people! Jessica, you're an amazing photographer!! Next time I'm in Utah--I'm calling you! (Besides, I'd love to meet Max--what a doll baby!)

Sabs said...

great work! love the b/w of whole fam!! Wish you could make a trip to TX my kiddos are dying to pose for you:)