Tuesday, December 30, 2008

commercial shoot

I had SO much fun photographing this beautiful mom and her darling son (no, they're not models. shocking, I know.)! They are showing off their pearly whites for advertising in a dental office, and what better way to do it than on BIG canvases all over your office? Good idea Dr. Snyder! I'll come see YOU for a cleaning ANYDAY! 








Amber Duron said...

what a beautiful family and that little boy is so adorable! i love all of these pictures, they are so sharp!

Heather said...

ah, what great shots! he looks so much like his gorgeous momma!

Kiera said...

The clarity of your pictures astound me. Is that your camera, your lens or your AMAZING talent? Probably all 3 right? Lovely images yet again!

Vanessa said...

Perfection!! What beautiful people and nice teeth! :) I love the first 2!

Nicole said...

Since you seem to be so gracious about answering questions (that's why I keep coming back here!) I'd love to know any tips you have on editing skin tones. I can't figure out how to get the "fresh" look on skin and keep the brightness in the eyes....not the sharpness...the brightness! They're lovely! I'm sure both mom and the dental office will like these.

RENEE said...

if those photos don't get them some business than I don't know what will. Beautiful Job you are amazing. I hope to be as good as you. :)

Kara May said...

Beautiful shoot Jessica!