Wednesday, December 10, 2008

downtown: brady and josie

ok. this post in intense. it will take a while, it's VERY long. very passionate. lots of kissing. I am just going to let these pictures and these lovers speak for themselves. enjoy. 





























the end.


Carin Davis said...!!!!!

Rach said...

awesome, she is so amazingly beautiful!

Celeste said...

the children these two will have!!! man alive, they're gonna be gorgeous! And Jess, that one in the market with everyone swirling around them is genius! holy crap. can I get married again & you shoot our wedding? Puhlease?

{irene} said...

Hi Jessica!!!..hope you remember me!!...I did the Halloween plates with you and Caroline!..(well, tried, because mine looked like crap!:)...but hey, I think your photography is AWESOME!!!

Hello! said...

These are insanely good. Not just good. Insanely good. Fantastic job! I've seen you on studio 5. That's how I found out about your blog. Love stalking. But I guess now I'm not a stalker because you know I'm looking.

Carly said...

LOVE love these!

Kristen said...

I am in complete awe. It almost makes me sick looking at these and how good they are.

kg said...

I'm a friend of Leah's...found your blog through hers. Amazing work, stunning, very inspiring!!

Meghan said...

Seriously could she be any more beautiful? I don't think so! I love all of these pictures. You did an amazing job!

Unknown said...

wow! these are AMAZINg!! love them all!

Melissa said...

Wow, these are gorgeous!

missliss5/Melissa said...


Darla said...

Wow! Beautiful couple, beautiful pics.

Leah said...

Kissing in the middle of Pikes----LOVE IT!

The Elmers said...

OH my gosh...stunning! I love love love them all...I could never pick a fave! They are gorgeous and you are fantastic!!!!!

Chelsea said...

oh gee... great job jess!

Vanessa said...

SPEECHLESS!!!! There are not words to describe these! I love them, more then love! I had to look at them like 50 times! HOLY SMOKES GIRL!!! INSANE JOB! And I have to say the couple is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Amanda Peterson Photography said...

Oh how I wish we had a Pike's street here in Utah... I love all of them, and that couple... beautiful!!

joyfuliving said...

friend of j's. i. wow. can't. think. wow. of. any. wow. words.

seriously, you have a natural, raw talent. awesome.

Emily said...

Josie is my cute little cousin. We've always known she was gorgeous, but wow! Beautiful pictures!

Wonder Woman said...

I came over from Emily's blog.


Love that one with them kissing and people swirling around, too. And her kissing the fish. And the one of the handle.

I would never have thought of a wedding shoot and Pike's market. Brilliant.

sophie said...

ok um jess. you are AMAZING. i love these all. consider yourself hired to shoot my wedding. may not be for a long time, but im obsessed with your talent! :)

Jaci said...

these are THE most beautiful wedding photos I have EVER seen. no joke. you are incredible. wow!!

Mickey Family said...

oh man! these are so fun! your colors are so vivid and pretty!

amy r said...

wow these are just amazing. i love that place!

Alecia said...

I know you don't know me and maybe I am weird for leaving you comments but you're photography is SOOOOOO AMAZING!!!! I love looking at it. I always check your blog to see what's new. You are so inspiring!!

Unknown said...

I came to your sight by chance and have to say this are the best photos i have seen yet great job!!

Colette said...

oh my gosh. so i was going through your site, loving your pictures when i stumbled across these. josie was my college roommate freshman year and i was (sort of) responsible for setting them up! so crazy that i didn't know you did their pictures but when i saw her photos on facebook i just though they were gorgeous. AMAZING job. i love your work!