Friday, July 11, 2008

beautiful sister

My "baby" sister Mackenzie (okay, she's fifteen) is in town visiting from Seattle and I couldn't resist a little photo shoot with her! We packed up some furniture and hauled it into a field just around the corner from my house. Not bad for using the last few scrapes of light from the evening huh? We shot from about 8:10 to 8:30 p.m.  Isn't she gorgeous? Take a look.






out of all of them this one's her favorite: 


You know she likes it when it becomes the facebook profile pic. haha! what a goof. Love you Kenzie!


Melissa said...

Those are great, she's very pretty!

HEATHER said...

Those are beautiful photos! Very pretty girl, looks a lot like her sister!

Rachel and Chad said...

i seriously almost got a little teary, our little kenz is growing up!

Lindsey said...

I'm sorry...who's that little model you are shooting?
My personal fav is the second one the feild, with the sette....classic.
Call me you jerk.
I am begining to hate you.
Not really, I just miss you. Sorta

Tiffany Izatt said...

oooh that is great light! what a beautiful girl.

Carly Carlson said...

Jess-- Your sister is seriously a babe. And you did a GREAT job I loved seeing that rad little settee getting some photo-love!

shan & andrew said...

Gorgeous! She looks like Scarlet Johansen (and that's a very good thing!)

Lovely photos!

Elldub said...

Please let me know when you're back in the Northwest. I really really would like to go on a shoot with you and just pick your brain.


erica grover said...

she is gorgeous! Totally dig all the shots!

Chelsea said...

SO beautiful! oh I bet your mom was happy to have some great pictures to put in her home:)

Kellee Smith said...

These have an amazing vintage yet modern look to them. She is such a beautiful girl. Your lighting was amazing. Great work!

Ellie said...

ahhh i love ur sister! she is soo funny! she was my YCL at girls camp!!