Friday, July 25, 2008

old pic, new trick.


This is a pic I took early this spring and I thought it was perfect to try a fun new texture on. What do you think??


Melissa said...

Love it! Can't wait to get photoshop.

Anonymous said...

let me start out by just saying how much I simply adore your work. clean. simple. beautiful to look at. your images of children are always my favorites....which is why, in my opinion, you don't need to hide them behind textures/borders/ and funky tones. I found your site last fall and was drawn to the simplicity of your work. I think textures are wonderful and fun, and alot of photographers work it into their style--but for me I just love your bright colors and sweet emotion that just scream "jessica kettle" to me. don't conform to what others are doing.

i am not hate'n....just a little cc:) i cannot wait to see more of what "you" do.

kathy said...

i love all your work!!! the texture adds a new dimension. I would love to take a mini class from you if you would be willing to show me how you get all your finished pictures. What you adjust in ps and about the textures and borders. let me know what you think about letting me pick your brain and learn alot of fun photography ideas. i love your photography and as my 6yrs old would say its "swEEEeet"