Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Megan and Aaron

I had so much fun shooting Megan and Aaron's wedding in Seattle last month! The Seattle temple was covered in scaffolding (bummer!!), so we went to some "unconventional" places in the area and just had some fun!

A few on the temple grounds:

kinghorn076 copy

kinghorn078 copy

these two are always teasing eachother!


kinghorn050 copy

Downtown Redmond:

kinghorn124 copy

kinghorn091 copy

kinghorn113 copy

kinghorn107 copy

kinghorn093 copy

kinghorn119 copy

Did I mention that Aaron is a firefighter in Idaho?! This was a blast! Thanks to the Redmond Fire dept. for the use of their lovely fire truck!

kinghorn158 copy

kinghorn147 copy

kinghorn138 copy

kinghorn165 copy

kinghorn168 copy

kinghorn169 copy

Redmond Road: this beautiful brick road was built in the early 1900's! I love it!





Kellee Smith said...

Jessica you are amazing. Love the blue wall and love the rings on the fire truck! LOVE IT!

Rachel and Chad said...

are you kidding me!!!??! i taught that kid in my EMT class! ha, i called him 'spaniard' cause his dad was a misson prez there...i about freaked when i finally figured out why i recognized him. hilarious!

kelseynsc said...

I dont know you but I happened across your blog someday and have been checking back on it occasionally. I love the pictures in Redmond since that is where I was born, raised and still live! Great work! Maybe when I get married I may be able to use your amazing services.

The Aprecios said...

This makes me feel so old...