Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Studio 5

Recently I got to spend the day on set at Studio 5 and downtown SLC to take some new pics for the show's website! I had so much fun- everyone there is a dream to work with. Especially my friend and star of the show Brooke! I knew her back in the day when she was a home grown Brigham City girl (yes we worked for the golf course snack shop together in college. it was very glamerous), so it's pretty crazy to see her all fashionista and famous now! haha!

Here are a few outdoor shots, see their new headshots/ action shots and all of the contributors (minus dr. liz) HERE!
I think they are still updating the rest of the site a bit, but the bios are up!



studio 5023
brooke's head shot!


Carly Carlson said...

Look at you, Jess! Great job!

Melissa said...

That is totally awesome Jess!

Lindsey said...

Just remember the little people when you get to be big and famous.

Erin said...

Awesome job Jessica! Very cool. I am just loving the color pop you get in your photos! How do you do that so well? I would LOVE to hear your secrets!! :)

Rachel and Chad said...

so brangelina next week?

Chelsea said...

love them all:) and isn't our friend brooke so pretty!!! i love her

Kellee Smith said...

Jessica you rock. Photographer to the stars... (Utah at least!) great job.