Wednesday, February 11, 2009

communication lines down

i repeat, communication lines ARE down.

ugh. we have problems. if you tried to call me last night or this morning, you probably did NOT reach me. my phone randomly stopped working normally, as in when i try to make a call, it rings (if i am lucky) and then says, please enter your credit card or calling card number to complete this call...


say whaaaaaaat?

anyhoo, if you need to reach me today you can do so by e-mail and if you REEEEEALY need to talk to me i will try to call you back on lover boy's phone and hopefully we will get in touch shortly.

it's going to be a long, hard day. 

thank you google for this lovely image which i took the liberty of editing. 


Christie said...

Hi Jessica! Okay, I hope you don't care that I am commenting here ...? I am like obsessed with your work (obsessed? huh? it's not like I called Owen "Max" when I was trying to take his picture...???!!!). Anyway, just wanted to say that I love your pics. Seriously, you are so talented.

Can I ask a queston, too? How do you set your white balance? Do you use a grey card? Is this annoying to get photography questions on your blog?

Anyway, major props! :)

Christie said...

I'm back to say THANK YOU for your encouragement! It came at the best time, and I really appreciate it.

TY!!! :)

The Talbi said...

I swear you are one of the nicest people ever! You are like famous, and you respond to my silly amateur questions! Anytime you can feel free to tell me to stop asking them, but I really appreciate all your help. Thanks for the e-mail. I am starting to experiment shooting in manual. I read all of your q&a's twice and I've read ALL of pioneer womans what the heck series. I LOVE HER!! She is wonderful too. I have checked out a bunch of books from the library about photography. I am serious about learning how to get pictures like you! You are soooo inspiring. I recently shot some family pics of us (using a tripod) in manual mode. I was wondering if you could just take a quick glance at them : . They still aren't clear. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Even with me trying to edit the crap outta them ( I don't have photoshop, I use photoscape- it's free!) they still aren't fresh and bright and clear. It was a cloudy day...Is it because I would need to have a better lens? Mine is just a 35mm. (the ones that already come on the canon) what lens would you suggest I use for something like this? Or is it cause I am shooting too far away? I don't know. sorry for all the questions- but I am determined! THANKS! you rock!