Monday, February 23, 2009

hotel shoot

as photographed by carly carlson

our first shoot in vegas in our lovely room at the excalibur. 
and yes. as usual, 100% natural window light on all of these.

i learned a lot behind the camera...

...and in front of the camera! {blush}

what i shot...

vanessa. work it girl! v and i actually met in person for the first time in vegas and we had so much fun!  plus, isn't she quite the model? vanessa totally saved us because she was the only one who knew her way around vegas. plus she taught me a rad little photoshop trick! yay!





carly. my supa talented girl from the north west! woot woot! she cut her hair a while ago and i am maaaaybe obsessed with it. it's so funky! she has no clue but she is freaking gorgeous and is seriously impressive in front of the camera.  many more to come of this girl for our las vegas strip shoot (wow that doesn't sound right).  She took a few pics of paul that blew my mind too. 



paul. ok, not our room mate but we were all kinda joined at the hip all week. he came out all the way from london and he has the raddest accent. we had a blast hanging out in class and shooting together. we all really learned a lot from each other. In fact, we all agreed that we learned as much from our long conversations and practice shoots as we did from attending classes. Pretty cool huh? 

check out my friends. you just may find a shot or two of me on their blogs...


Kayleen T. Photography said...

I so wanted to go to wppi this year but couldn't. And we are planning on moving back home to Hawaii in January so I might be too far away to go next year! Dangit! But I love your blog! I saw you on tv and have been following since then.

Rockin Rowe's said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Any chance you will share the photoshop secret with us??? You rock Jessica!

Vanessa said...

Oh Jess, I am actually in In Love with these!!! You know how I feel about pics of me...but you are amazing! I have to use these for sure! Thanks for making me go to WPPI...I got so much from it, but even more I got 3 great new friends! LUV YA!!!

will and tiff said...

man alive - you guys had so much fun! and those girlies are drop down beautious! it's like you are the founders of this "really cool photogs club" there is this old punk song about this "real cool club, with the real cool kids hang out" and i totally thought of it while reading your post! love it!

Emily Murdock said...

Next year I'm rooming with you guys! Seriously!!!
PS I'm Laurel Lakey's sister, Emily ;) I've got a little biz-niss down here in Dallas and I love checking out your blog now and again! You've got mad skills!

Candice, Michael, Jordyn & Tyson said...

Alright next time you go, I am in. We can be roomies.
I want to hear about the new action you learned as well. These pictures are amazing. You never cease to amaze me.

Molly said...

I have a blog logistics do you make your pictures big without them becoming blurry? When I upload them on "large" style, it just looks small and normal. So if I try to expand them, they just turn blurry. How do you do it? thanks:)

Jean Smith Photography said...

i can't believe these were all taken in a stinkin hotel room...they are awesome! geez, i didn't even really pull my camera out at wppi...LOSER!

Memories captured by Shelly said...

Okay, Jess... I need some tips of how you get those eyes so beautiful in all the pictures. Seriously girl, I have tried outlining the whole eye and doing unsharp mask. BUt the eyes don't stand out like the ways yours do. I have this awesome photo of my son that I really want his eyes to shine through...HELP ME

threelittlebirds said...

ooh that lighting is devine... glad you had fun in Vegas.

Kim said...

These are perfect.