Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This is one of my favorite clients and one of my favorite family sessions of '08. These guys are practically family- I have photographed them 4 times in the year and a half I have been in business! Mr. Andrew was one of my first clients when I took his two year old pictures last fall. Let's just say we've BOTH grown a lot since then. Haha! I also took his extended family pictures, pictures of him and baby brother Joshua as a newborn, and now these.  

The beauty of repeat clients is the relationship you build and ease of the session. Andrew knew exactly who I was and what was up. Everything during the session went SO smoothly.  I even found Andrew's jacket a couple of days prior while I was out shopping and immediately thought of him, so I made sure it was cool with his mom and picked it up for him for the shoot. Now that's just fun for everyone (I love being able to style the shoot a bit!). 












also, andrew also mr. #3 from a few posts ago. 


Zane and Lexi said...

oh yay! thanks for sharing...this is one of my favorite families too! great job capturing little andrew's personality :)

Melissa Sue said...

Jessica, you do great work! I saw you on Studio 5 a couple months back and thought you'd like to know that I've been blog stalking you! I absolutely love #3 from this shoot...you do an awesome job!

Eskel Photography said...

Yes... another 'blog stalker' from Studio 5. I love #3 and #9 of the family. It looks like you always make the shoot fun for your models. Love your work.

will and tiff said...

a.maz.ing! i was scrolling along, in love with all of them - when my eyes suddenly bout popped out - that black and white of that little man is to die for. amazing. everything about it is pure yumminess.

Nicole said...

I love your clothes. Not referring to this post, of course....I know your clothes aren't in it. But I saw your sister's sweater/shirt and thought "oh, cute" and then saw that it was YOURS. You have great taste.

Vanessa said...

Love them of course...my fav is the one where she is holding one and the other on the leg...just the way it should be! And the jacket...way to go!

Vanessa said...

Love them of course...my fav is the one where she is holding one and the other on the leg...just the way it should be! And the jacket...way to go!

MKLoeffler said...

your color in your photos seem to pop off the page. HOw do you get your images to do that? Is it a particular lens or photoshop magic?

Alecia said...

I SO Enjoy looking at your photography. It wows me everytime. you are my idol! So, I finally figured out how to make my pictures big on flickr, thanks to you! It makes a 100% difference to see the pictures big. I also tried shooting in "raw." Is that how you get your pictures so raw and crisp looking, or is that photoshop? Some of mine were looking like that, but the other some were kind of "grainy" because of the lighting. I was in shade and didn't use flash. What is the perfect lighting?? How do you get them so crisp and clear even in the shade? I really love your style and prefer it over any other I've ever seen. It's just so very...fresh. I am learning so much from you! Thanks for being so sweet to let us in on some of your secrets! you rock!

Harrison Happenings said...

These are my good looking cousins, I would ask you to work your magic on my family, but we're not as hot as those Bakers! Love it!!

Gina said...

I love this photo shoot! So many great shots of one family! Not fair! Beautiful work!