Thursday, September 3, 2009

seattle, here i come.

first thing in the morning i am off to seattle to shoot a wedding and some senior portraits, followed by a much needed VACATION sans child, in sand point. hot dog. i can't wait!

and since i need to promptly push those photos of myself toward the next page of my blog, let's get some random sneak peeks of what i am up to. because heaven forbid i actually post a whole session for crying out loud. it's official, i am the worst blogger ever.

megan + isaac's engagement session (for real, so cute. these guys are the most naturally cute, affectionate couple ever. i seriously love it.)


MORE of megan's gorgeous bridals!!


and of course my darling curtis and ashley. their wedding is almost done! i can't wait to share it.

and yes they are out of focus on purpose, in case you are wondering. dude, i am so abstract.
just kidding.



Elldub said...

if you're up for it... drop me a line when you're in seattle. If you aren't too burnt out it'd be fun to talk shop...and of course catch up.

Feely Photography said...

Thats sweet you are coming here! I would totally love to second shoot your wedding for fun but I heard you are already using Kristin!! Gah! Well maybe next time :P Hope you have a fun visit girl.

Elldub said...

Yes. That sounds great. Do you mean Thursday as in today? Or next week. Either way sign me up.


Kellee Smith said...

Can't wait to see more. Have fun in Seattle. And we are shopping for SURE when you get back - I am not kidding. You are stuck with me!

... dan & whitney ... said...

Jess, you rock! That is all! But seriously, you are so talented.. and so pretty! No fair!

Ashley.Latimer said...

They are looking awesome! I'm excited to see the rest!

Shannon said...

You do amazing work, Jessica. I just happened to come across your blog and love what you do! Do you ever do any mentoring sessions? I'm definitely interested. :)

Curtis Beyer said...

"my darling Curtis and Ashley." I like it.