Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Brittany's bump!

These are a few shots of Brittany that were taken in California! Here are a few of the ones I have edited SO FAR. 
the first two are my FAVORITE!

I had to throw the color version of this one in too. Doesn't she look gorgeous!?

another fave.
this one made me laugh!


Melissa said...

Those are great!

Joseph and Brittany said...

I didn't even notice these on here. I actually thought about it today sending you all the rest. I am so SORRY! I have some other things to add in that package as well like maybe somethings from trader Joe's. I love ya and I will call you today. By the way I just looked at your webpage and I am not on there. Whats the deal? HAHA Oh and when you meet Owen he better make it on there for sure.