Monday, June 16, 2008

tune in. laugh at me.

sometimes I really wonder how I get myself into these messes. But yes. I will be doing segment on KSL's STUDIO 5 this friday (show airs at 11:00 am). I will be discussing PHOTOGRAPHY, particularly, how to find/what makes a good background, both indoor and out, as well as how to set up some DIY indoor backgrounds. Basically, the idea is to help moms take better pictures of their kids with the help of a few tips!

So here's the thing. I normally wouldn't take the time to announce to the world that I'm about to make a complete fool of myself ( I like to keep the public humiliation factor to a minimum), but I am asking for a little help from all you photo enthusiasts out there! We are in the process of putting together the dialog of the show with some of the producers, so what I want to know is...

WHAT QUESTIONS DO YOU HAVE? what would you like to know how to do with backgrounds. Is there anything specific you would want to see discussed on the show?
Please share. No question is to basic or complicated. So let's hear it!

Oh. and I am also accepting advice on what I should wear. Or how to do my hair. Or how not to look chunky....? Or how not to trip, drool, forget my name, you know. That sort of thing. Anyone want to go shopping this week??!


Melissa said...

Oh how exciting! I am sure you'll do great. You are a professional so how could you go wrong.
Questions: Is is better to have a busy background for bokeh or something simple?
Would it be better to take a picture during full sun or when it's cloudy or in the shade?
To avoid face shadows do you take pictures with your back towards the sun or have your subjects back towards the sun?
Hope this gets you started.

Carly Carlson said...

You are going to be fab. Some good questions to field would be regarding lighting- like using a north facing window indoors for the softest light day-round. I think that little tip has saved my indoor photography.
You'll know what to say! I'm excited to see it! :)

The Elmers said...

Wow! How exciting! My question would be about some DIY lighting indoors! AHHHH! haha!

I did Brittanys pics today, it was so much fun and I got some really cute ones! Here is my next question...(Not for the show :( though...ahem...why when I load my pics onto the blog, are they not as vibrant?? They look beautiful and then on the blog they look dull in comparison ( I mean, obviously people who haven't seen the original would not know any different, BUT I DO...and it's killing me! Any advice???