Thursday, June 19, 2008

to be blogged:

Breeana and Cody's Wedding

Seattle, WA-
 the Seattle LDS Temple, Salty's on Alki Beach 
( and a little rendezvous at Pike Place Market!!)

Keesa and Trevor's Wedding:

Salt Lake LDS Temple and the Joseph Smith Memorial Building

And Danell and Kip's wedding:
All taking place at the beautiful La Caille

Did I mention I have another wedding next week??

Oh, and let's not forget baby Joshua, his big brother, and a few other families in the works. 


Melissa said...

Those are great shots. Man, you are booked, that's awesome!

Carly Carlson said...

Ah can't wait can't wait! I'm excited to see all of your updates-- and to see YOU in less than a week! woo hoo!

Dustin Izatt said...

WOW, looks like you have been very busy ;) Can't wait to see all the amazing shots you got.

sstevens said...

I am very interested in booking something with you in October. Would you mind e-mailing me at Thanks

A Digital Darkroom said...

Jessica, I LOVE your perspective almost as much as I love your color processing (which is a lot lot LOT). I like to check in a see what's new. Thanks for the inspiration!