Monday, November 9, 2009

allen family...

ok, seriously is this not the most GORGEOUS family? families with 5 or 6 kids usually make me a bit nervous, especially when they are so young. but this family was SO well behaved! i had so much fun with this bunch, and boy are they just an easy group to look at or what!?




his mom and i were absolutely dying over the pictures of little bronson. i can't quite get over him!



so striking, love her red hair!

miss shelby was NONE too excited when it was her turn for her individual shots. but we got her warmed up after a minute and i was so thrilled with how these turned out!


this girl should model, i'm telling you!

cameron was such a little stud and so helpful with his younger sibs. such a good big brother!

he just got this motor scooter thingy and so of course we needed an action shot!

the boys

the girls

mom and dad. no wonder they have such darling kids, huh?

we also did a special shoot just for lindsey in her baptism dress. she is turning 8 this month and is just such a beauty. i love how pretty and timeless these turned out.






Kayleen T. Photography said...

such a cute family and beautiful pictures! Your chair is fab! Did you "before+after" it yourself? You got skillz if you did! :)

the Lola Letters said...

These are stunning! Wow, does that mom have awesome style or what? Everyone was dressed like they were models in a high end clothing magazine.

And the COLORS...oh the colors...

Briony said...

lovely family. i love your locations...the colors and textures definitely add to the photos.

beautiful shoot!

Stefani said...

I am seriously dying here! those are GREAT shots. So beautiful! I love the setting and the lighting. BEAUTIFUL family!

Ally said...

adorable. Such a super cute family..they look WAAAAY too young to have that many kids.

Erin said...

This family is gorgeous and your photos are stunning - per usual :)

Jaci said...

These are so great! I love all your vibrant color! you are very very talented. :)

Sweet Shibui Photography said...

Love it!!! Nicely done, as usual!

Simply Be Photo/Melissa said...

LOVE THEM! Beautiful people and beautiful pictures!

Jennifer O. said...

I LOVE those shots! Absolutely gorgeous!

cat logan photography said...


Jess said...


Crave Photography said...

No kidding.....they are so beautiful, every last one of them! I love all of your amazing close ups! WOW!!!

Bliss Portraits said...

Jess where is this downtown location??? I love it!