Monday, June 15, 2009

minta and michael . part one

welcome minta and michael, the first installment! my family and minta's family have been close friends since before we were born and so we grew up like cousins (i thought we WERE cousins until i was about 10 and sorta put two and two together).  it was such an honor to be able to photograph this amazing girl who i love and respect so much and her new husband (who i just love!) on their wedding day at the seattle temple. these two are crazy  in love and I LOVE IT. 


the next few made me melt when i first saw them; minta is absolutely glowing and i love all of her 
bridesmaids oohing and ahhing over her!



the little men stealing the show!

sunshine JUST for minta, the rest of the week was rainy!

the wedding party:

the parents

nieces and nephews

the bride and groom taking a break

check out the KISSING COUSINS series...

porter (third from right) taking notes

making the move...

aaaand wipe it off. awesome. 

orderly bridesmaids and groomsmen:


the REAL bridesmaids and groomsmen!


a few pictures on temple grounds:


minta and michael are nothing if not jokesters- i won't tell what michael did to make her laugh, but trust me. you would have laughed too. =) this is not the only shot i have of them throughout the day laughing their guts out!

more to come from the reception and our off site shoot...


will and tiff said...

shut up. those are simply amazing. seriously every wedding you shoot, makes me wish you were around 8 years for me. i know, selfish...but you are just amazing jess. love every one of them. and those of her laughing are priceless. what a lucky couple!

Feely Photography said...

Nice! You were lucky you caught some sun!! The wedding I did a few weeks back...It was sunny with overcast, and I was glad it didnt rain either. When were you here? Was this back in the beginning of May?

Carly Carlson said...

gorgeous! beautiful people, sweet pics! you are awesome!

marissa + michael said...


Ginnie said...

As always, these are lovely and absolutely perfect!

Emily (Good Frau) said...

Gorgeous! I am Minta's cousin, so I was pretty excited to see these. Looks like a beautiful, happy day. You have such a talent! Beautiful photos!

Images by Serena Gene said...

Ahhh. They really are an adorable couple. I may have shed a tear.
So beautiful!!!

Rockin Rowe's said...

I especially love the candid shots where people are talking in crowds and you capture a special smile or look.

Amy Leigh said...

Oh my gosh- those little cousins. That is the most hilarious thing. I'm lovin that series. These are beautiful as always. What a great looking couple!

Jenn said...

Love your stuff! Colton, Alex and Porter are/were my boys bestest buddies (we miss them). Great shots.