Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the [ p ] family

holy freaking cute. i had SO much fun taking pictures with bart, jill and baby holden! the weather was completely uncooperative, but in the end i think it worked in our favor. the umbrella kinda started as a necessity but ended up being such a fun addition to the pictures. so fitting for a seattle family, don't you think?




pollard008these ones are my favorite, how sweet are these little moments?







isn't jill gorgeous?! she kills me. 


love the little scowl in this one. haha!


Carly Carlson said...

whoaly cute! love every single one of these! you go girl! and what a cute fam- do you think i could have her gorgeous hair if i asked pretty please!?!!

Vanessa said...

OH MY!!! I adore these...what perfect little family! Everything about these pics just ROCKS!!! WHOZZAAA!!!

Rockin Rowe's said...

I love how you can even make a rainstorm successfull.

Melissa said...

Man is that Holden a cutie! You really captured what a fun family they are! I recognize that ivy! Were ya'll shooting in downtown Kirkland?

Bagiera said...

That building with the yellow is awesome!! You are so talented!!!

Luke and Marissa said...

"Ummmm, yes please."-that is me answering the question, "would I like you to take our family photos?"
Jill's family pics look rad.
Are your in-laws name's Dan and Sandy Kettle? If so, they totally are my mother-in-law's neighbors! If not, I totally got excited for no reason. :)

Kelty said...

Amazing!! I especially love the umbrella/hoodie one and how serious the little guy is!

Images by Serena Gene said...

Jessica! You are seriously too good to be true. How do you do it?! I am SO setting up another mentoring sessions, I think I have a million new questions to ask you!

Jayson & Sara said...

I hope you get this comment because I'm adding it when this is super far down the blog, but I had to comment because this location reminds me soooo much of Grenada. Fabulous! And super fun! I hope you get to do more here!