Saturday, June 27, 2009

pearly whites

This is the second shoot we did for Dr. Matt Snyder's dental office. Isn't McKayleigh beautiful? Dr. Snyder is the man responsible for that gorgeous smile, he did her veneers ! Also, I have to let you know that Matt is now our family dentist, and we LOOOOOOVE him! I hate going to the dentist and not only is he amazing at his job and up on all the latest dental technology stuff, but he is really laid back and easy to talk to. I love that!








Jessica F said...

Those are some nice teeth! I want some of those :) I love the dentist!

Carly said...

GORGEOUS! look at those pearly whites! :)

Vanessa said...

I want some too! What beautiful shots!!!! LOVE THEM!

Take me as I am said...


Andrea K said...

Gorgeous pics!!! Dr Snyder is also my dentist, he is the best!!

Robins Family said...

I love your work Jessica! I am wondering some great locations to shoot in Davis County...I am just trying to learn my camera I bought a few months back...I am getting sick of the same old spots and not sure where else to go....If you could email me or just leave a comment on my blog that would be so very

Thanks so much!

PS. I love the pearly whites!! Great shot!! Any dentist would be proud of these shots!! Im a former Dental Assistant!! Beautiful smile that gal has!!

Anonymous said...
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Joel Jackson said...

It really is an effortless beauty! Her smiles will catch your attention, even without her trying! And her eyes are so expressive!

Unknown said...

Whoa, she looks pretty! What camera did you use for this photoshoot? Your model has it all: appeal, a bright smile and expressive eyes! And she knows how to pose! Well, she's a dream girl in-the-making. :)

-> Kathy Frederickson