Monday, April 7, 2008


Are you serious? The cutest little two year old  in the cutest little orange shirt came for pictures last week. Is he a-dor-a-ble or what?!

we had to get some that show his crocks. He refuses to wear anything else!

can you say EYES!?


Jean Smith Photography said...

these are SO did a fantastic job of capturing him! i have a special little place in my heart when i see pics of little boys...i have three...boys ROCK!

The Wells Family said...

Mmmm...He really is so yummy. :) Rob LOVED how you used the urban feel with GREAT colors! We are so happy!

The Wells Family said...

We are completely in love with the pics! Thanks again for doing such a fantastic job. And for giving me little photoshop helps. :) I can't wait to get working! I had such a great time visiting/playing the other day! And the food was to die for....who doesn't love Firehouse? Sorry Bobby didn't feel like sharing MAX'S toys... what a punk! :) Can't wait to get together again!

Alisha E. said...

Oh wow he is too cute. Love his hair!!! You did a marvelous job.