Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I heart the HEARTPENCE

because they are the most photogenic family on the planet. Little H.H. is a baby model (look for him in some ads this year for those bumbo chairs (but not bumbo brand? the other ones?). Not surprising. I could have posted hundreds, but I controlled myself and stuck to a maximum of 97. Don't worry I'm kidding. Thanks H fam for the fun afternoon and for coming all the way from San Diego and making time for me!

this expression is the ultimate. I swear in his mind he's thinking. 
"yeeaaa... she loves me."
Like he knows he's hot stuff!


TRICKY said...

Hi Jessica!

We LOVE them! We are so thrilled with your work and we will recommend you to everyone! We come to Utah once a year so maybe we will have to make this an annual thing?! Sounds good to us and can't wait to get the CD. Thank you millions!!!

Carly Carlson said...

Ah these are great! :)

#6 Drake Family! said...

Thank you so so much for your help!! You do amazing work and I'm happy to get any tips or advice from you. Thanks again!! I love all your pictures!

Michelle said...

Wow Jessica, wow. My husband works with TH's dad and sent us the link to your photo shoot with them. Your work is truly art and so beautiful. I'm working on improving my photos that I take of my 2 year-old. You are an inspiration!