Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What??? A FLASH??!!

{my dad. what a good sport!}

This is how we all usually react at the mention of the dreaded FLASH. shudder. During "normal" shoots, I use natural light ONLY. But since I have gotten into weddings, I realize that there are some situations where it simply has to be done, like indoor evening receptions. Soooo, I caved and started flashing. In camera flash, scary. External flash, better, but unpredictable and difficult. Enter Gary Fong. I could kiss him for inventing THIS.

The fabulous lightsphere is so easy to use and the results are so much better!! Less shadows, softer, warmer, more flattering light, and backgrounds are better lit. Not to mention, never needing to BOUNCE again??! Keep it the same at all kinds of angles ( like my dad, taken from the floor, pointed up toward the ceiling), or this little foot, which belongs to Max. Genius. Both of these images are STRAIGHT out of my camera. No p.s. at all. If you use a flash ever, yet cha self one of these. 
{a wee foot}


Carly Carlson said...

Wow... thats awesome. Cory K. knows a lot about external flash, just to let you know :)

Calvin said...

Oh... that is great! Thanks for the link. I will have to pick one up. I know that the strobist.blogspot.com/ has some great tips and techniques for using an external flash.


.caroline armelle. said...

i'm glad you posted about this. i'll have to check it out if i ever need a flash..

Jaci said...

thankyou for sharing this! I really appreciate any photo tips that you, (or any other photographer) is willing to share. I'm about to buy my 1st "fancy" camera and I can't stand the excitement. People like you, truly inspire me. Thanks!

Jean Smith Photography said...

haha...that first picture is classic! yeah...i agree...sometimes flash is totally unavoidable...especially in weddings. i have heard awesome things about "the fong." i actually use the flip-it which there seems to be a battle between the fong vs flipit on all the forums...just like canon vs nikon (ok, probably not as big as the latter...heehee).