Friday, April 4, 2008

same place, different day

{oh the things we do to get that perfect angle. At one point I fell all the way over in that same position at John and Emily's wedding! I looked super cool and professional.}

Only this time I got to assist the fantastic Sheena Jibson (that's her, up there) with a wedding she booked! It's pretty fun being a second shooter, you just provide an alternate angle for the main shooter and shoot some of the little detail things. I had so much fun swapping services as a second shooter with Sheena,  and it has been a great way to gain more experience with weddings. Thanks Sheena! I had a blast! One of these days I will have to post one that she took at Emily's wedding! Here are a few random favorites. Maybe more to come when I really look through them all.

Love is:
squishing up your nose to the one you love

doesn't she look GORGEOUS in this one?
It was fun going to the temple during a different time of day- we couldn't really come over here because of the lighting for J and E's wedding.

"pretty maids all in a row"

I really loved how the veil ones came out, so I posted thee favs. And I don't care. 

Love is: the way he LOOKS at her! Melt!
Love is: eternal

And here's one for Cory: Look at your gorgeous wife doin' her thing! This girl has a seriously amazing voice.


kged said...

Hey I just forwarded your blog onto my niece who is getting married in June. I think she will love your work! I also was wondering if you could send me your rates and when you are available. I would love to have you take pictures of all five of my kiddos....don't panic, they are pretty good kids. Maybe we will throw in a family picture just to add to the chaos...who knows?!

allegra said...

LOVE them all. you did a great job. i think weddings would be so hard to take pictures of because you are constantly trying to capture all the "perfect" moments that won't come again, but you're a pro!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up. These shots look fantastic. Great candid of the brides maids. I'm really glad you where shooting Malia while she was singing... I was too busy enjoying the show. I must agree with you on her looks, she is cute!

Carly said...

I know Cory and Malia! He works with my husband :)
How fun, good stuff!

Rach said...

so her dress looks like mine....

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica, you may not remember me, but we were best friends until two days ago when you didn't answer your phone....or call me back. However, I would like to book you for my wedding....Matt Damon and I would love to meet with you soon to go over poses and other such details. Thank you for your time,
Lindsey Davis (soon to be Damon)

Sandy said...

You should have added "wedding photgrapher" to your resume long ago. You do such an excellent job! You capture all the perfect moments. Your editing is so fun and creative too!