Friday, April 25, 2008

He's two.

And he was hillarious! I had fun chasing little Brayden around for a while last week. Those eyes made me melt!

peek-a-boo in the trees

inspecting a "bug." it was actually some dirt, but don't tell him that.


Alisha E. said...

Oh my heck that 3rd shot is too stinkin cute!!! Love how he is just peeking through..haha!

What gorgeous eyes. Awesome shots!!!

Petersen Family said...

Jessica, we totally love them! I've been anxiously awaiting the results and I'm so excited to get the cd! Thanks again!!
Oh, and we're going to want family pictures sometime in the fall! With your popularity, should I book it now? Let me know.

Megan said...

I love this little boy! I am so glad that his mom called you. You are amazing. Definitely, our "official" family photographer.

Moody Family said...

great job jess!! i am always amazed!