Monday, April 28, 2008

a work in progress

I am greatly in need of a new  logo- or I guess I should say my first logo? Here is a little something I have been working on. I think I may stick with this shape around my name, but I think I want to change the lines (maybe so that it's really thin and perfect instead of looking drawn). Far from perfect, but a start. If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, ANYTHING on a new or existing logo, I would love it. 


sheena jibson said...

love it!! when you are done perfecting should start on mine!!! I just keep putting it off!!

Sara Boulter said...

I like it!!! Don't change it.

If you're really not crazy about it, I know some awesome logo designers that specialize in photog logos. I'll hook you up. Just let me know.

Hey also, I keep emailing you about the template purchase but haven't heard back. I want to make sure you're getting my messages. Let me know!

.caroline armelle. said...

great job!
can't wait to learn more about illustrator!

Debbie said...

I know this was a while ago but just in case. Love your logo but if your interested in changing it my hubby does logos and art design. We could trade services! (I can email you his website) I love love love your work. I looked for prices though and couldn't find any. Could you email me?