Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brady and Josie PART II: Seattle Temple

Here's part two of Brady and Josie's wedding- the temple! They were so sweet and SO happy, it was so sweet just watching them interact. While they looked beautiful, the weather was pretty typical for Seattle... rain. and lots of it. So if you're wondering why the umbrellas were in so many shots, well, it was a necessity. 





sweet Sofia...

and daddy


After all the family left, Brady and Josie had their own private ring exchange in the wooded area on temple grounds. They exchanged vows and poured their hearts out- it was the sweetest thing I have ever (over)heard! I was totally crying while I took these. 



We stayed in this area and kept it pretty short for our "temple" shots since the actual temple was covered in scaffolding. Plus the trees protected us from the rain a little!







what do you think? any favorites?

coming next:
my FAVORITE part, our DOWNTOWN shoot! 


Rach and Chad said...

sooooo beautiful Jess, I am in love already, cant wait for more!!!

Jessica said...


That's the temple I was married in so it does my heart good to see these pictures and see their complete happiness and youth. It reminds me of my special day. I didn't have as magnificent a photographer as you though!!!


The Stevens said...

those are gorgeous shots!

love em.

tanalicious said...

those are so amazing! i wish i could get married again so you could take mine. boo.

Elldub said...

I really like the over the shoulder shot in to the point and shoot camera. Very creative. There is still so much I can't figure out about how you get your shots looking the way they do. It's what keeps me going though ;)


Melissa said...

Are you kidding me? Any favorites? How do you choose!?! They are ALL GORGEOUS!!!! GIRL YOU ROCK THAT CAMERA!! Is your website up yet?

Megan said...

I love the color in these photos! I think you did an amazing job!!:)

Carly Carlson said...

Love them all!! So excited for the next installment, haha! :)

Sarah said...

I must say that I am a big fan of the black and white with them under the umbrella. So bright and crisp. What a great looking couple too!! I love the colors they chose, great for a fall wedding!

I'm Amber said...

Jessica, these are just the most beautiful couple ever! I really can't choose one...or two for a favorite they are all just so fabulous!

Design Gal said...

Oh. My. Gosh.

I am in love with her dress! Seriously girl, one of these days when I get skinny again, I'm going to have you retake my bridals! I love it!

Vanessa said...


Not only did you get great pictures, but you captured moments that can never be forgotten. That is a true artist! PERFECTION!

The Wells Family said...


I loved the last shot where the top part of the pic looks like a painting and then it becomes more focused. How did you do that magic woman??!?

AND I also loved the shot of the flower girl. It was so crisp and her eyes were amazing.

Melissa said...

Favorites? Lots of 'em! Now, I am a bit biased (being family and all) but I'm lovin' the black and white kissie one of Brady holding Josie. Its soooo romantic! And I love the softness of it. Its like they are in their own little special garden!

The Sanderson Fam said...

I LOVE the sepia toned one with all the trees behind them. Sooo beautiful, but they all are!! I had to jump back up to the top to look at their names after seeing the shot of the groomsmen. I recognized some familiar faces. I went to high school with Brady. Him and a few of the groomsmen won our school a state baseball championship in 2001. Small world!

missliss5/Melissa said...

My absolute fav is him carrying her walking away from you and the one where she is looking right as you with a sneaky grin like he's telling her a great secret. LOVE THAT ONE!

emily said...

Gorgeous! I love the last 3. It makes me wish you had shot our wedding...