Thursday, November 20, 2008

leaves for mr. jones


officially my new favorite. 

favorite kid.

favorite shot. 

is it weird that i want to hang this in my house?
maybe if i ever open an etsy shop this would be on it.


Carly Carlson said...

LOVE it!

Celeste said...

matt used to work with Tanna at mtn america & i stalk her blog & it was way funny when I saw your work on there! isn't he a freaking DOLL? you rocked this one, I gotta tell ya. Love the editing.

courtney brooke said...

if you don't hang it in your house. i will. :) love it!

Amanda said...

Just came across your blog and you are good!! I too love this pic! You have a great eye with all of your photos.

tanalicious said...

stop teasing me! seriously. its more than a woman can bear. that is an amazing photo. i love that you got the leaf. what lens were you using? i purchased a new one the other day after our shoot with you. hopefully they'll be as good as yours.

allegra said...

gorgeous! you are so talented at everything you do!!