Friday, November 14, 2008



there are about 50 jillion things that i actually really neeeeeed to blog about,
like the mini sessions, 
TWO (count 'em) TWOOOOO weddings, 
several families, 
a fun session from florida, 

and especially, especially the p r o j e c t [click on it] i've been working on for 

three months

(and that I really really really hope you all come to! because it will be amazing
and make you feel good.)

i am so behind on blogging.
but it's getting to the point of being overwhelming.

so i did what i always do in just such a situation...

stay up WAY too late

play on photoshop

with something completely frivilous.

enter new funky framed silhouette of max.



Melissa said...

How neat!

Unknown said...

Friend, you are not alone. Did you not see the 9...NINE sessions I just uploaded starting back on Oct 6? Carazay times. LOVE the sillouette...and the benefit sounds awesome!