Saturday, January 24, 2009

hey lady,









my first little practice shoot with max and the 17-55. he fought me the whole time on this, but i kindly explained that nothing comes between a photographer and her first experience with a long awaited new lens, not even indignant toddlers. 

then I offered him candy.

so i am usually more of a color person, but i decided to share the black and whites too. i just couldn't decide!
what do you think?


Zane and Lexi said...

such a great background for B+W! This was my first lens and I LOVE IT! I had a hard time adjusting to my 50 mm. Your little guy is darling....have fun playing :)

Anonymous said...

your little boy---is SQUEEZABLE! THOSE CHEEKS! :)

luv your new lens---luv it!
And perfect pictures like always. Im A closet stalker BTW---have been for a year---LOL I think I posted once before on your Anniversary post.

Anyways---have fun with your NEW TOY!! eeeee! Luv new stuff!

Carly Carlson said...

love'em, love'em, love'em! (the photos AND max!) what a sweetheart.

jfeely said...

Love them!! Great job!! I am so jealous you have that lens:) But then again I know your pictures are going to be even MORE amazing! I cannot wait to see what you can do with it...I love his hat btw:)

Jen Olsen said...

love the colors!! they make great textures in the black and whites to! Such a cute boy!! :)

Tonic said...

Your photos are always amazing, whether color or black and white. Love them both. The lens is so fun. I haven't taken it off in three weeks (yes my other lens' are jealous, but we are keeping them separated so no fights break out). But yes I am in Farmington too! I am sure we have passed isles at the local and only Smith's.
... And I would totally to Vegas, maybe you can peer pressure me into going too.

Erin said...

These are so cute. Love the locations. You do great work.

Vanessa said...

What do I think...they are AWESOME!!! He is sooo dang cute!!! I love the color and candy gets them every time haha! So I take it you LOVE the's a good one :) Oh and I am freakin over our little soon to be road trip!!! So FUN!!! VIVA BABY!!!

Memories captured by Shelly said...

I love the color~

Amber Duron said...

Max is just about the sweetest little boy on the earth!=) I love love LOVE these pictures, and your new lens that I am totally jealous of!=)

RENEE said...

what a cutie..I love the color blue..great compliment to him :)

The Elmers said...

So awesome, he is such a cutie!! Love your color and B&W I simply cannot choose!

Leslie said...

Great pictures as usual! He is such a cute little model! Glad you like your new lens!

Lindsey said...

I love checking out your blog. You have amazing talent. And I must say I am so jealous of your lens. These pictures look great! Thanks for sharing!!!
BTW, I'm friends with jessie ( We have both contemplated going to the classes in Vegas. If we go maybe we'll meet you there!