Saturday, January 31, 2009


hey, just a quick note to say please forgive me if I am a little slow returning e-mails at the moment! there was a bit of an overload in the inbox after studio 5 but I am slowly getting caught up. thank you for your patience!

second, the cocoon. thank you for all of your nice comments regarding the little snugglers i used for miss ella! i am having a hard time getting back to everyone with questions, so here it is. no i do not sell them (hello torture). let's be clear. i. do. not. knit. i wish! i use those kindergardener friendly knitting looms. baaaaa! so no, i don't have a pattern. use chunky yarn or it will look ugly. that's all. good luck.


Jessica said...

I wondered about that cocoon. I'm not a knitter either. I do however also have a kindergarten knitter that I call knitting with training wheels. I will have to make one of those and keep in my prop arsenal. Thanks for the great tip! I loved the results.
Nice job on Studio 5!!!


Carly Carlson said...

i don't know why but this post made me laugh out loud... that is so funny (i. do. not. knit. HAHAHA)
oh man...

i need to invest in one of those kid friendly knitting looms.

Lindsey said...

Slow at returning emails...or never calling your BFF....whatever. I am sure I can find someone else out there to chew my gum.