Tuesday, January 6, 2009

nightly polies

fun yea?

worked all day.
played and snuggled with the little guy who is obsessed with photo booth.

we BOTH went to bed early. for once!

btw. had dropped off some medium format film from my holga to be developed and scanned onto a cd.
TWENTY BUCKS. 12 images. is that normal?

hate layton inkley's. sorry.  but i do.


Megan said...

I agree! Layton Inkleys is horrid!!

B_Rydalch said...

I think that it's all inkley's, cause the one out here in Tooele in the same way!

BreAna Palmer said...

Do you have a local shop where they'll remember your name? I use Pixels in Sandy, and Pictureline in Salt Lake is OK. I hope to never set foot in any Inkley's again. (Except to buy Eneloop batteries!)

Lincoln said...

That was Lincoln, not BreAna. I'm the victim another incident of computer sabotage.