Wednesday, January 7, 2009

revisited + a GIVEAWAY


so i have been messing around a bit with some new editing techniques and decided to mess around with this picture from a couple of months ago. I loved how it turned out!

and since it is a NEW YEAR I thought I would start it off with a little bit of GOOD KARMA. 

which means, I am giving away a little ACTION RECIPE!

I think a lot of people think that if you use actions, your pictures will end up looking just like everyone elses. I disagree. If there is something out there that can speed up your workflow and make your pictures look fab, WHY WOULDN'T you USE it? And if you mix it up a little and if your original image isn't bLAh, you won't blend in. 

here's exactly what I did on this image


here's the original JPG image + a little bit of tweaking in camera raw

note: all actions used on this picture are from the TRA set 2

FIRST (after opening it in photoshop) I ran GET FADED- summer at 32%
followed by BURN OUT at 85%
followed by PUNCH OUT at 100%
lastly (and not leastly) I ran PROSS CROSSESED at 10% to make it just a weeee bit funky. =) oh and j/k this one is from the original TRA

oh, and I cloned out the power pole.



Jessica said...

Thanks! This is so totally helpful for me. I am really just scratching on the surface of PS.


jfeely said...

Thanks Jess! Your pictures ROCK!! And I love the helpful tips:)

karlee said...

I am staring an 8 week photoshop class on Saturday... Needless to say i have never used an action because I just don't know how. That will all change.
BTW - I just love your site and how helpful you are. You are so willing you are to share your knowledge with others. Don't ever stop, it sets you apart.

kg said...

Thanks! I love it when photogs give away their if you'd just share how you get your pictures so 'crisp' and 'sharp'...please...dying to know!! Fantastic work!

I Love Your Tee, BABY said...

Thanks for the mix...I love TRA's. I love your work. I hope to be able to give back the way you do too. Where is the field?

Kristen Tourtillotte said...

AWESOME I think I've only used the get faded one once and didn't like it. It may have just been the photo.

Is this the technique you used on that one of max burying his face in your shoulder of the family portraits? I think you mentioned you'd used a new technique for that one.

Meghan said...

Thanks for sharing the technique! I love how it looks! Now I just need to start saving up for those actions! Also thanks for featuring my family again! I feel famous to be featured on your blog!! Umm... do you think I could have this picture? I have one similar, but not this exact one?

Vanessa said...

FUN!! I will try that one! Because it looks awesome! You are always so sweet to share! And I totally agree with you on the whole action thing...why not, if you like them!

Amy! said...

You rock!!! Which TRA version is your fave?? (maybe if I was to like save up and buy one or something?!! ha)

Leslie said...

Great photo!! I wish TRA would make actions for elements. Got any workflows that may produce a similar look without the action? Thanks for sharing!! Your pics are always fabulous!

Jason, Shelly and Mathias Gardner said...

Jess, I love your work. I am thankful when people are willing to help out! and give their secrets!

RENEE said...

I have to say not many photographer's are willing to do what you do . Good for you.

Thank you for being you and helping.
The tip AMAZING!

Melissa said...

Awesome, I just have to save up for TRA now!

disa said...