Monday, January 12, 2009

yea, i know her.

we're friends and stuff. 

Thank you Celeste and Sawyer SOOOO MUCH!!! for letting me dress you up and take your pictures. I LOVED it, I love you, and you are BOTH gorgeous. Don't think for a second I am not going to make you pose for me again. haha!  I also had so much fun meeting Sarah and shooting with this amazing girl, who was in town all the way from Grenada (that's in the Carribean. yep, I had to look it up. ) I can't wait to see her pictures too!

I loved trying something new- a little high fashion. We may even redo some of these- with bigger wavy hair and some sexy tights and heels. Sorry. we had to hurry and pull something together so we could meet up with Sarah, and Celeste and I never really communicated on the bottom half of the wardrobe. My fault! But the vintage hat (yes, found it for $5 thankyouverymuch) is a little bridal-y and it looks SOOOOO amazing on celeste. Kinda vintage bad A bride. We kinda want to play that up a bit with those changes.  Dontcha think?









One of my New Years resolutions (for photography) is to play with different kinds of light. Sun from different angles, mixed light, back light . . . all that. Here's an attempt. 



I think I like it!

and the whole mood of the shoot changes. Celeste is the sweetest mom and Sawyer is the most girly, princessy, silly little girl you will ever meet. This part of the day was pretty short, Sawyer had just woken up from a nap and was not interested in being photographed. None the less, we got some pretty sweet ones! Not hard with a face like that!





Well guys, don't be surprised if a new one of these pops up now and then. We got so many good shots of Celeste I know I'll keep finding new favorites! But this is something very new for me, so let me know what you think!


Melissa said...

WOW Jess! These are amazing. They look like magazine pages. You could totally rock this angle in photography!!

Ginnie said...

g-g-g-g-gorgreous! I absolutley love them!

Carly Carlson said...


looooove it and good for you working new light too- i made that a goal as well! :)

BreAna Palmer said...

wow she looks like she is from the 70s in these pics. Way to cool.

DustDust, CiCi, and RyRy said...

That sucks that your bag was stolen. Right now I prettymuch just use the 50 1.8 and it requires alot of moving around but the pictures are the best. I really am dying to get a 17-55, I would be in heaven.

Kristen Tourtillotte said...

Uhhh. I don't know what to say. JESSICA.

Will you please tell me what actions you used on the ones for her? Especially the first one...

Right on, right on.

Leah said...


Melissa said...

someone i know just sent me the link to you blog.... i do believe that i will now become a stalker of yours. :) your amazing!!

RENEE said...

talk about vogue photos..this are so beautiful.. she has the skin of a porcelin doll. I love this very well done with the lighting :)

Vanessa said...

PERFECTION!!! AHHH! I just can't get enough! I love those kind of hats! To CUTE!!! And the little girl is BEAUTIFUL!!! So ? for you?...when will you do another location dish? I love these! But, if they are special to you then...I respect that! You Rock!

Vanessa said...

Oh I forgot to say nice job on the lighting...I think you meet your goal for the year hee hee!

Janese said...


Sorry, this is kind of random. This probably shows my wife's name, but I'm James. Anyway, I am sort of related to Nate and Laci, so that is how I ran into your blog. This is a photography question I have for you. How did you do the lighting/editing of the picture posted on December 20 with your son by the Christmas tree? I am sort of getting into photography and am trying to learn all I can about how certain cool looks are achieved. Anyway, whatever you can tell me would be so appreciated! Thanks and you are my new photography idol!


Jen Olsen said...

Gorgeous photos....and gorgeous models! How fun!

Ashley said...

Hey Jessica,
I just wanted to say I love your photography and I'm so inspired by your pictures! I've been a lurker for awhile now and remembered you said something about Rexburg once, either here or on your Family blog and I live in Rexburg. Anyway, then I was blog hopping and clicked on Danny and Annie Hebdon and my husband knows Danny through a mutual friend. Annie actually showed me a few houses in Rexburg, awhile ago, anyway, it's a small world! Just wanted to *say* Hi! :)

Rach and Chad said...

are you kidding me Jess?

these turned out SO great!

really really missed you guys this weekend. for realsies when are we going to see eachother again??

Jennifer Urbin Photography said...

Great work!!!! You are super talented!

courtney brooke said...

oh my goodness jess! these are amazing! seriously. can i just come on a shoot with you? haha its my dream!!

naomi megan. said...

these are just lovely! i love what you did with the light, too. and she is beautiful.

the Lola Letters said...

true, it's hard to take a bad pic of celeste, but these are exceptional! nice work.

Jayson & Sara said...

Jessica! LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones you got of Celeste through the fire escape. Seriously genius! I'm so far behind that it will probably take me a while to get them up, but never fear they're coming! Thanks for the shoot. It was great hanging out with you guys for the afternoon!

Lindsey said...

The best part is....She is even more beautiful in person!! If that is even possible!! What a hottie.

Oakstream Photography said...

Oh I love the vintage style!!!!!!!!

? for ya...I have TRA2 & TRA...on that 4th image...did you use an action from either one of those sets? I love the subtle creamy vintage look on that image.

Thanks girlie!!!

Rebekah said...

You have lovely work!!!! Very nice!

Deidre Lynn said...